Safety & Security for Staff, Residents & Visitors

Managing access to your Nursing Home is more important now than ever before. Door access systems allow you full control over who can gain access to the home and where people have access to within the home.
An access control system is a sophisticated yet convenient way to protect your Nursing Home by restricting access without the need for a key. Allow caregivers to let visitors in and out with the touch of a button.
We offer an extensive range of access control and audio door entry products which can be installed as stand-alone solutions or can be integrated with other systems e.g. Door Locking, Wander Management, Temperature Monitoring and Nurse Call.
There are a wide range of digital keypads to choose from, with or without proximity reader which may be used to control access on one or many doors. We can offer expert advice on the best solution for your Nursing Home.
The flexibility of our Access Control Systems allows you to easily manage public areas and permit access to restricted areas while preventing unauthorised access.

Why Choose ACT Access Control Systems?
o Cost effective security solution
o Quick installation with no disruption
o Reliable access regulation
o Prevent unauthorised access in to the Nursing Home
o Prevent unauthorised movement within the Nursing Home
o Integrate with Door Locking and Wander Monitoring
o Connect to Nurse Call System
o Integrate with Temperature Screening Monitor
o Trusted technology, stylish design
o Intuitive usage
o Easy integration with other systems