Aligning Technology For Elderly Residential Care

Today, there is an ever-increasing level of procedures put in place to improve the care and safety for residents in Irish nursing homes and care facilities. Residents have a wide range of needs, so staff should be flexible in ensuring these are met and that they can change to suit each resident’s changing requirements. Caring for elderly people is a very personal experience, and now, with technology for senior care, standards can improve. 

Technology in Elderly Care – What it Means 

We tend to think of technology as cold and very impersonal. However, today we can use care technology to work in the background to help deliver personal care with some technological assistance. We can use Smart Nurse Call Technology to help carers deliver the important level of care needed, reduce stress, and increase the well-being of residents, carers and managements. 

How Can Technology Improve Resident Care Standards?

Truly integrating your Nurse Call, Wander Management, Fall Management and other Assistive Devices is key to ensuring increased resident safety. In this way, technology for senior care can reduce stress and alarm fatigue for staff and residents in the nursing home or care facility. Monitoring this is essential for management to ensure the best care is provided, and that families are assured that their loved one is being looked after. 

Nursing Home Solutions
Technology can improve elderly care.

It is important to note that not all systems are the same. In fact, many basic Nurse Call Systems seem to offer integrations but cannot show if a resident would like a cup of tea, or if they need urgent aid in the ensuite or if their fall alarm has been activated. True integration of Nurse Call, Wander Alarms and Fall Management is key to ensuring fast responses when they are needed. Each event is logged, giving peace of mind to management and family that each resident receives the best of care.  

Technology Can Encourage Safety

 Truly integrating all your Nurse Call, Fall Management, Door Monitoring and Wander Alarm systems into one will allow you prioritise the urgency of each resident’s needs at any one time. A Smart Nurse call system will identify the urgency of each call automatically and direct carers to the resident or carers in most urgent need of assistance. 

The faster carers can identify the type of help a resident needs, such as when they are at most risk of falls and injury in bathrooms, getting out of bed or chairs, or trying to leave the building, then the chances of a resident getting injured are greatly reduced. Carers can also easily request assistance or create a full emergency alarm using the Nurse Call system without leaving the resident. 

Technology & the Staffing Crisis 

Carers can utilise technology for senior care with the Smart Nurse Call system to communicate with each other. Using the Presence button on the Nurse Call point will allow other carers to know which resident the carer is with. This is especially useful at night when there is a limited number of carers on duty. We can use these devices to help the elderly to log the presence of a carer quickly and silently with each resident. 

Many nursing homes do this as part of their night rounds, which in turn automatically creates a log for management to see that nightly duties are being actioned. This can also be used to show family members that their loved one is being regularly monitored and that carers are not simply waiting for the call bell to be activated before they check the resident. 

Efficient Technology Solutions for the Elderly 

Increasing response times, improving efficiency and reducing noise is key to resident and staff wellbeing and safety. By using a Smart Nurse Call System, carers can quickly identify the needs of the resident before attending the room. This smart technology for the elderly will allow carers to prioritise care, while minimising noise. 

The responding carer can accept the call, which will turn off the notifications for other staff members. This will, in turn, reduce disruptions, and prevent multiple carers from responding to the same call. If the responding carer is delayed or no longer able to attend, the call will automatically return to the system for another carer. 

Establishing Trust for Families and Loved Ones 

Family members rely on carers to look after their loved ones and often need reassurance that they are getting the care they expect. With the right assistive technology for aged care in place, management can easily and quicky generate reports for family members. 

This will not only show how many calls their loved one made and how quickly those calls were responded to, but also all the night rounds and use of fall alarms are also logged. This gives the family member great reassurance that not only are you responding to their calls, but you are also checking them on a regular basis. 

Technology Can Improve Elderly Care 

Thousands of nursing home residents in Ireland already benefit from technology for elder care, without compromising the personal care they expect. Creating noisy alarms and disturbing residents has a negative effect on their mental health, interferes with their sleep, and creates alarm fatigue for carers. Carers must be able to respond quickly when needed with minimum disruption to others around us. 

Seamless integration and customisable smart technology solutions are key to ensure carers can automatically respond to the most urgent needs first. Family and management can rest assured that each resident and loved one is being cared for to the highest level. Policies are important to ensure standards are met, but we must record that these policies are being carried out. If there is a query or an incident, we can easily view the logs to ensure procedures were followed.  

For More Smart Solutions, Contact SVC 

For 30 years we have helped hundreds of Irish nursing homes embrace technology such as Smart Nurse Call, Fall Management and Wander Alarms to improve resident safety and decrease stress of carers and family members. Each resident is unique, and nursing homes should have systems in place, so that staff can be flexible in their ability to meet the challenges as residents’ needs grow and change. 

Fast installation and low cost of ownership have allowed over 100 nursing homes in Ireland make the switch to Smart Nurse Call technology – and now, you can, too. To avail of this, contact SVC on 0818 480 480 today for more information.