SVC Nursing Home Solutions


Switches & Devices To Aid Patient Communication

We offer a range of switches to help patients in need of alternative and complementary communications solutions. These switches can be integrated with the Nurse Call System to enable the user to activate a call if they need assistance.

Please call us on 0818 480 480 or send and email to [email protected] for further information or to place an order.

Big Red Button

Light touch, durable push button. Combine with wireless transmitter and monitor to facilitate resident call from a chair. The silent click and soft edges make it comfortable to use. Only a light touch on the surface is required for activation.

  • €49 plus vat

Jelly Bean Twist Switch

Provides tactile and audible feedback to the user. Designed for activation no matter where pressed. The hard plastic lid provides auditory feedback via a clicking sound during activation.

  • €80 plus vat


Chin Switch

The Chin Switch allows individuals with severe physical limitations to control devices by simply moving their chin. The Chin Switch can be positioned anywhere around the neck with plastic tubing that can be cut to fit, just like a custom necklace. Multiple Chin Switches can be positioned around the same tube for users who need several access points.

  • €185 plus vat

Micro Light Switch

Micro Light switch is an ability switch that is very sensitive to pressure. Micro Light switch is an switch that only requires a small range of motion and very little muscle power. It provides tactile and auditory feedback.

  • €129 plus vat

Finger Button

A wearable switch for people with limited mobility. Switch is inside a velcro strap that is wound around two fingers. Only requires a small amount of pressure and a small range of motion. The resident will always have the switch available, regardless of how their hand is placed.

  • €190 plus vat

Candy Corn Proximity Sensor Switch

A large, wired, highly sensitive proximity sensor switch that activates when a user’s body is within 2.5 cm of the switch top. Features visual and auditory feedback which can be switched on and off. Activates with a wave of a hand or a body movement.

  • €275 plus vat

Sip Puff Switch with Mount

Sip/Puff solutions are ideal for people who have limited or no motor capability to operate switch activated devices. The Sip/Puff Switch translates sips and puffs into independent switch closures. The two pressure switches have normally open contacts that close when the user sips or puffs on an attached mouthpiece. Set includes holders, hose, saliva separator and mouthpiece.

  • €532 plus vat

Pillow Switch

Activated by pressing the top foam surface. Smooth, soft surface makes this a suitable switch for head or cheek activation. For added comfort and durability, a washable fabric cover is also included. Safety pin and Velcro come on the bottom for easy fastening to a pillow or wheelchair cushion. This switch features tactile and auditory feedback.

  • €170 plus vat

Pillow Case Switch

Pillow switch with a replaceable fabric cover. A pillow switch that is easy to mount for those who are bedbound. The switch is lightweight and can be mounted to the top of the duvet or pillow using a safety pin. The fabric cover is easy to wash or change.

  • €81 plus vat

Ridge Switch

Ridge switch is a ridge-like ability switch that can be mounted to a bed, chair, pillow using clips or a Velcro strap. It requires a small amount of pressure for activation. It provides tactile and auditory feedback.

These switches can be integrated with the Nurse Call System to enable the user to activate a call if they need assistance.