Ensure Infant Safety Is Never Compromised

Protecting newborn infants from the threat of abduction has become a high priority in all well-run hospitals and maternity units. Providing high quality infant protection in a hospital environment is easier and more affordable than ever before with the Elpas BabyMatch Infant Protection Solution.
BabyMatch by Elpas is a world-leading RTLS Safety, Security and Visibility Solution that helps hospitals prevent baby abductions and unintentional baby mismatching in maternity and neonatal departments. BabyMatch reduces the need to continuously keep an eye on the whereabouts of each baby by automatically tracking the real-time location of infants from the time of delivery to the time of discharge.
Elpas BabyMatch can be tailored on-site to fit the patient care and security protocols of any healthcare facility. BabyMatch can also be scaled to deliver added Elpas RTLS Safety, Security and Visibility Solutions without degradation to its primary infant protection functionality

Why Choose the Elpas Infant Protection System?

o Abduction protection
o Mother and baby matching option
o Accurate infant location
o Few false alarms prevent alarm fatigue
o HL7 integration streamlines data entry
o Full accountability for admission, discharge & transfer procedures
o Reliable and scalable infant protection solution
o Comfortable, lightweight baby tags with tamper alert
o Intuitive and easy to operate software
o Stable and ultra-safe infrastructure
o Advanced system supervision
o Supports third party integration to security systems

Infant Charm / Tag

The Elpas Infant Protection Charm is an ankle worn Active RFID Tag. The Charm is comprised of a reusable tag with a disposable, size-adjustable, tamper-resistant anklet band made from safe, hypo-allergenic materials. The anklet includes a soft inner cushion for baby’s comfort. The tag can also deliver verification that no inadvertent baby switch has taken place.

RTLS Software

Easy to use software enables staff to enrol and personalise new tags, track the location of tags, monitor security alerts, temporarily deactivate bracelets and discharge babies. Map view allows staff to know at- a-glance the location of each baby.

Escort Function
Flexible baby escort functions permits the regular movement of mothers, staff and visitors in and out of the protected hospital units while preventing unauthorised infant transfers

Mother & Baby Matching

The mother & baby matching option prevents accidental baby switching, confirms that the mother is with the correct baby, supports multiple births and match tests may be activated by mother or a staff member.

Scalable Solution

Highly scalable tag capacity protects and monitors as many babies and mothers as required without risk to infant safety. The system itself is fully upgradable and scalable from single-door installations to hospital-wide RTLS solutions.

Tamper Alerts

Tamper alerting function automatically transmits location based on any unauthorised attempt to remove the bracelet from the protected baby, even if submerged in water.

Near Exit Alerts

Unauthorised movement beyond or within a designated field will trigger alarms and notify staff. Alerts can be via sounders and lights as well as on the PC’s through the system network. Option to alert through mobile devices also.

System Reliability

Supports distributed local control which ensures that infants remain protected even when the network or server is offline. CE, FCC, IC Compliant. No EMI Interference to hospital equipment.