Protect Residents, Reduce Risk of Injury

We offer a range of fall protection products to complement our Fall Alarms and your overall fall management programme. Designed for professional healthcare use in Nursing Homes and healthcare facilities due to their effectiveness, durability and softness.

Dual tread pattern non-slip socks have tread on both the bottom of the sock and the top of the foot, allowing for complete and optimal anti-slip, non-skid coverage. Even if the sock twists on the foot, these dual tread socks ensure traction and grips the floor, providing additional protection against falls.

Our Hip Protectors have been biomechanically tested to be proven effective and superior to other brands and they include a removable tailbone pad for easy care.

Ultra-Soft Non-Slip Socks

These non-slip socks for have an all-around dual tread non-skid pattern to assist in preventing resident falls. Available in a variety of colours. Ultra soft 80% cotton, 18% nylon & 2% Spandex. One Size Fits Most. 17 inch length. Latex Free. Machine Washable.

  • €4.95 plus vat per pair

Hip Protectors

These hip protectors have sewn-in hip pads with removable tailbone pads. Ideal for residents with osteoporosis, multiple falls, history of injury following a fall, seizure disorder, medications associated with balance loss, such as sedatives, antidepressants, etc.

  • €39.95 plus vat

Slip Resistant Shower Shoes

The Slip-Resistant Shower Shoes include heavy duty grooved soles tested & proven to resist slipping on wet surfaces. Soft, comfortable nylon mesh uppers. Latex-free, 3 sizes:
Medium: Women size 6-8, Men size 5-7 
Large: Women size 9-11, Men size 7-9 
X-Large: Men size 10-12

  • €22 plus vat per pair

Bariatric Non Slip Socks

All around non-slip pattern to assist in preventing resident falls. 80% Acrylic, 18% Nylon & 2% Spandex. Will stretch to 8″ wide to fit large size lower legs.

  • €8.95 plus vat per pair

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