Give us a call or send us an email and we can arrange a no obligation consultation and site survey. Once we know what you need we can propose a solution.

No, we offer systems from a variety of leading manufacturers worldwide, that way we can offer the best solution to meet your needs.

We provide an exceptionally high level of customer support including 24/7 telephone support, system maintenance, pre-HIQA inspection service, staff training and service agreements.

We have a nationwide team of technicians which ensures efficient response to service requests. 

Yes, all systems are covered by full 12 month warranty, subject to terms and conditions.

Yes we offer a range of Service Agreements that are customised to your requirements.



Nurse call has moved on from being a simple call bell system. An effective system will massively help to improve efficiencies, increase productivity, reduce costs and enhance the care environment.

There are advantages to both systems but a wireless system is easier to retrofit in an existing building and offers great flexibility. Your choice of system will be guided by your requirements, preferences and budget. Please contact us for more information on the options available to you.

This will depend on the number of beds, whether additional items such as door monitoring is required and whether you opt for a wired or wireless system. We offer a range of systems that can be tailored to any budget. It is also possible to add accessories or expand the system at a later stage.

The installation time depends on the size and the extent of the system. As a guide, it would normally take 2-3 days to install a new wireless system in a 40 bed nursing home.

Our technicians are highly skilled and work closely with staff on each floor during installation to ensure there is no disruption to residents. It usually takes under 10 minutes to install a new call point in a resident’s room.

Yes, staff are provided with training and user manuals when the system is commissioned. We also offer a further round of training once staff have become familiar with the basics and are ready to learn about the more advanced features. We also offer refresher training at any stage and advanced training for management in functions such as Call Logging & Reporting.

Yes, customers can contact us for support on 0818 480 480 during office hours and we also provide an emergency out-of-hours service.


It is a system designed to alert staff if an at-risk patient or resident approaches a monitored door.

A resident who is prone to wandering wears a discreet wrist tag that transmits a signal and creates an alert if the individual approaches a monitored door. The alert can be local i.e. at the door or it can be configured to alert through the Nurse Call System.

These systems a completely customisable to suit your requirements. Door locking can be incorporated so that the door will lock when approached and unlock again once the person wearing the transmitter moves away from the area.

There are a number of systems available, for smaller care facilities a stand-alone system might be sufficient, for larger buildings a more comprehensive RTLS solution might be more suitable.


Yes, the Controllers & Monitors come with 3 x AA batteries and the Wireless Transmitters come with 3 x AAA batteries.

The unit will start to beep and a light will flash to indicate the batteries are getting low. Always use high quality batteries as low-grade batteries can leak and this will void any warranty

Yes, we supply special power supplies for the Monitors & Controllers. Do not use an alternative power supply as these will damage the units.

The monitor will start beeping after a few minutes to let you know.

We can connect to most Nurse Call Systems, just send us a picture

Yes, you will need to use the ‘sync’ button on the monitor and receiver to air them to new devices. It’s easy to do and the instructions are printed on the devices.

Yes, an instruction leaflet comes with the kits and instructions are also printed on the devices themselves. We can also send you instruction guides by email if required.

Yes, all kit components are available individually and can easily be paired with the existing parts.

All kits and components are covered by a 12 month warranty with the exception of the 14-Day and 45-Day Bed & Chair sensor mats.

All devices are sent with a date on them for your convenience.

Yes all mats are latex free and non-skin irritating.

Yes but the mats should never be submerged in liquid as it may seep inside the mat where the lead is. Please follow cleaning instructions as printed on each mat.