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patient wandering alarm systems - Protect against the Risk

SVC Care Communications offer a number of Patient Wandering Systems and can advise on the best system to meet the needs of your hospital or care facility.

The principle of each system is the same but the technology behind it can differ. All Patient Wander Management Systems are designed to detect when a patient is near a protected exit and alert staff. The exit can then be secured or the patient can be assisted by a member of staff. In any case, the normal flow of the hospital should not be disturbed and regular movement is permitted to staff and visitors.

How does it work?

Patients at risk of wandering wear a wrist transmitter or tag which allows them free movement within the hospital but prevents them from exiting monitored doors.

The Patient Wander Alarm can be configured to create an audible alert at the door and/or be configured to alert through the Nurse Call System.

The system can also be integrated with Access Control so that the door will lock as the patient approaches and unlock again as the patient moves away from the area.

The system also offers an ‘escort function’ so that when a patient who is being escorted by a staff member the system will not be activated.

As with all our solutions, these are fully customisable Patient Wander Systems designed to meet your exact requirements.

Whichever system you choose, patient families will benefit from peace of mind and staff can focus on their core tasks without concern.

Accutech Wander Management System

Patient Wander Management System

Accutech is the ideal solution for hospitals seeking quick, cost effective patient wandering protection. This is a flexible and reliable wander management solution that offers dependable monitoring and seamless integration options.

The Accutech system can be implemented as a stand-alone or centralised system. The Patient Wander Control System can be integrated with Nurse Call, Access Control, CCTV, Fall Prevention and other existing security mechanisms within the Hospital.

Features & Benefits

Elpas Patient Wandering System

The Elpas System keeps patients safe within the invisible boundaries while others can pass freely. The patient wears an Elpas tag which allows them free and unregulated movement within a predefined perimeter. Should they approach a protected door through the patient is not allowed to pass through unescorted, the alert intervention functionality will automatically trigger.

This advanced RFID wander alarm provides a system that gives staff real time location awareness of the whereabouts of each patient. These active tags constantly send out a message in real time to ceiling and wall mounted receivers (IR & LF) giving whereabouts, ID and status. Staff can view the status of the system and patients whereabouts on graphical displays. All activity is also logged for security purposes.

This Patient Wandering System also features an option to equip staff with pagers so that they can receive calls on the go.

The Elpas security bracelet is a comfortable and unobtrusive watchlike bracelet that the resident wears on his wrist. The pendant version is worn around the neck. Both versions are waterproof and shock resistant with a 2 year battery life and help reduce the wander risk.

Features & Benefits

The principle of each system is the same but the technology behind it can differ. All Wander Management Systems are designed to detect when a patient is near a protected exit and alert staff.

Patient Wandering Systems – FAQs:

A Patient Wandering System offers solutions for patients or residents with conditions such as Dementia or Alzheimer’s who are prone to wandering. These solutions ensure that patients can move around safely in a predetermined and safe location, while also offering care staff and nurses the freedom and flexibility to do their jobs. 

Wander Management Systems can work in two different ways. For example, the Accutech Wander Management System works via monitored doors. Patients or residents will wear a transmitter or tag, which creates an alert on the wander system whenever the patient approaches a monitored door. Hospitals and residential care centres can also avail of a door-locking function, that automatically locks the door when a patient or resident gets too close. 

Conversely the Elpas Patient Wandering Management Solution creates invisible boundaries within a predefined parameter, through a wearable Elpas tag. The system offers alerts on mobile devices, smartphones, pagers, and email when a patient approaches a tagged door. Hospital staff can also monitor patient whereabouts in real-time with the Elpas tag.  

Generally, there are other solutions and interventions for patient wandering. For example, creating a schedule, or curating daily activities can be great preventatives. However, in a hospital or care home setting, this is not always possible. Therefore, in this situation, it might be best to implement a wander management system, ensuring that nurses and care staff can adhere to their daily routines, while patients are kept safe and secure. 

When it comes to wander prevention, the best possible solution is to have a reliable Patient Wander System in place. The system will protect patients and residents who are prone to wandering, and by alarming the doors, hospitals and nursing homes can prevent patients and residents from wandering. 

Choosing a Patient Wander Management System comes down to a number of key factors, including how many doors you may need to alarm and how many residents you need to monitor. You may also need to take visitors into account, as some wander prevention solutions offer easy access to visitors and individuals without a tag. For more information, contact SVC, and we can assist you in choosing the ideal solution for your nursing home or residential care facility. 

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