We’re committed to promoting good sustainability practice and to reducing the impact of our business activities on the environment. We recognise the importance of protecting our environment and playing our part in slowing down climate change which is why we strive to be an environmentally friendly business.

What We're Doing...

We Support Tree Planting in Ireland & Around The World

In 2020 we partnered with Crann Trees for Ireland to support the planting of native Irish trees.  For every Nurse Call System that we install, we plant a tree to represent each of the residents in a nursing home or the patients in a hospital.

So far, we have sponsored the planting of over 1,300 native Irish trees and we’re proud to say that that number is growing every day thanks to our customers.

Also, by using the search engine Ecosia when working on-line, our searches have supported the planting of thousands of trees in locations around the world where they are needed most.


Dedicate a tree to a loved one or someone in your care as part of Crann’s nationwide tree planting project.

In the Workshop we ...

Recycle batteries used in our Nurse Call points and equipment

Recycle electronic and as much other waste material as possible

Keep energy usage low by powering on tools only when needed

Buy parts and equipment locally when we can

In our Dispatch Centre we…

Use only recyclable packing from sustainable sources

Reuse or recycle packaging from suppliers

Use paper packing tape instead of plastic tape

Corrugated paper is now used instead of plastic bubble wrap


In the Office we...

Keep energy usage low by…

Turning off lights in rooms not in use &Switching off PCs after work

Use recyclable printer paper and paper towels from sustainable sources

We recycle our ink cartridges

Buy organic or Fair Trade tea & coffee

Use washable cups instead of plastic or styrofoam

On the Road we...

Route service calls to minimise travel distance

Avoid unnecessary travel by using video, email & phone

Ensure van tyres are A graded to reduce carbon footprint

Encourage sustainable best practice with our team

We are always looking for ways to improve what we do so if you have any comments or suggestions please let us know