Reliable Temperature Screening Solutions for Staff & Visitors

Temperature screening is now standard practice for staff and visitors entering a Nursing Home as is the wearing of face masks.

Touch Free Temperature Screening Terminals will help to ensure that anyone with a raised temperature or not wearing a face mask will not gain entry to your Nursing Home.

Our Temperature Monitors and Visitor Stations help to ensure that staff and visitors comply with protocols and the introduction of infection is prevented. These systems will provide the reassurance that you have taken every step to protect those in your care.

These fully customisable solutions can operate as stand-alone systems or may be integrated with Access Control, Nurse Call and other systems

Staff Temperature Monitoring Solution

  • Automatically record & log temperature checks
  • Option to deny access if elevated temperature is detected
  • Option to deny access if face mask is not worn
  • Easily turn off and on face mask requirement
  • Option to connect to PC to generate and download reports
  • Adjust temperature range for seasonal colds and flu
  • Easily add or remove users in seconds
  • Integrates with most Nurse Call, Access Control and other systems

3 Step Visitor Station

This unique Visitor Station has been designed to provide a comprehensive screening solution for visitors to your Nursing Home.

The Visitor Station guides visitors to carry out a simple 3 Step process when they arrive at the door which ensures that visitors are compliant with protocol before they meet with staff.

This process will ensure that people visit in a safe manner and the risk of introducing infection is minimised. There’s no need to have a staff member at the door to ensure compliance.

The 3 Step process asks visitors to:





In the event that an abnormal temperature is detected or the visitor is not wearing a face mask, they will be given a voice instruction as to how to proceed e.g. “Please wear a face mask” or “High temperature detected, please wait here for assistance”.

The Visitor Station offers all of the features of the stand-alone Temperature Monitor but with the added benefit of ensuring that visitors comply with all infection control protocols.

  • Easy to follow 3 Step System
  • Hand Hygiene, Face Mask, Temperature Check
  • 800mm x 180mm x 200mm Laminated Melamine Stand
  • Non Touch Sanitiser Dispenser
  • Holder for Face Masks
  • Holder for Compliance Form and Writing Area