The Benefits of Wireless Nurse Call Systems 

In nursing homes and care centres across Ireland, the benefits of wireless Nurse Call Systems over older wired Nurse Call Systems are becoming increasingly evident. Nursing home staff must be able to depend on reliable communications technology to efficiently respond to resident’s calls and provide prompt care to residents.

Since 1994, SVC Care Communications has partnered with Aid Call Legrand, manufacturers of the Touchsafe Pro wireless Nurse Call System, to improve communications within modern care home settings. Their future-proof, dependable technology is essential for care facilities to reduce delays in responding to residents’ calls, categorise and prioritise nurse call alerts, and improve delivery of care overall.

What is a Wireless Nurse Call System?

A wireless Nurse Call System is a communications system used in nursing homes (Wireless Nurse Call System Nursing Homes), care centres, and hospitals (Wireless Hospital Nurse Call Systems), whereby residents and patients can request assistance from a nurse or caregiver, typically within the bedroom or bathroom.

The system is completely wireless and traditionally uses single radio wave transmission, although modern systems use a far more reliable wireless mesh technology, such as Aid Call’s Touchsafe Pro. The components of a wireless Nurse Call System include the Touchsafe Pro Display Panel, which is integrated with Nurse Call Points, Call Logger Software, as well as a wide range of other devices and accessories such as a Pear Push Lead or Call Bell, Pager, Bluebell Message Unit, and Nurse Presence & Staff Alert ‘Buddy.’

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The Benefits of Adopting a Wireless Nurse Call System 

What are the benefits of wireless Nurse Call Systems compared to wired systems in nursing homes and care centres? There are multiple benefits to using wireless Nurse Call Systems, namely faster and more reliable communications between residents and caregivers, the most urgent calls are automatically prioritised, and wireless systems are self-monitoring, thereby removing the need for weekly system tests.

The wireless mesh technology behind Touchsafe Pro provides many advantages over the older wired Nurse Call Systems traditionally used in Irish healthcare settings:

Enhanced Mobility and Accessibility

For residents and healthcare staff alike, wireless Pendant Nurse Call Buttons provide unrivalled ease of mobility and accessibility within a facility, making it ideal for elderly residents with mobility impairments.

Moreover, nursing and care home staff can see calls from any Call Point within the facility and do not need to necessarily be present at one particular nurse station or corridor display. Care staff can also receive alerts whilst en-route anywhere within the facility via alpha-numeric pagers.

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Improved Staff Response Time

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits of a wireless Nurse Call System is that it reliably and quickly relays call requests to staff, enabling prompt responses and thus improving overall delivery of care. By drastically reducing the response time to call requests, nurses and caregivers can more quickly respond and prevent an urgent incident from escalating.

This is all facilitated by the lighting speed of Touchsafe Pro’s wireless mesh technology, which uses dedicated nodes in a unified network and can use 802.11, 802.15, 802.16, and cellular networks for reliable communications.

Flexibility and Scalability in Facilities

Many healthcare facilities in Ireland, particularly nursing homes and long term residential care facilities, often experience surges in demand for accommodation. A Nurse Call System must therefore be scalable and flexible enough to meet the demanding needs of modern Irish healthcare facilities and care homes. Wireless Nurse Call is the ideal solution as Nurse Call Points can be easily added, relocated or removed as needed.

Touchsafe Pro is a highly innovative wireless Nurse Call System which offers future-proof communications technology that will remain dependable for many years to come.

Better Safety and Security

Safety and security are paramount in any healthcare setting and nursing homes must do their utmost to keep residents and staff protected at all times. With instant communication in the event of an emergency, Touchsafe Pro can be relied upon by caregivers to call for help when it is needed. An added benefit is that the system can be set to ‘silent mode’ to minimise disruption, e.g. at nighttime or to minimise attention drawn when responding to a call. Staff are notified of calls on the system through Pagers as well as alpha-numeric displays strategically located throughout the care facility.

In terms of data security, Touchsafe Pro’s wireless mesh technology is fully secure and provides dependable communications with no delay to relevant staff. The control panel and integrated software logs all calls on the system, staff response times, and records calls for up to 25 years. Easy to produce reports increase accountability, provide reassurance for family members and help minimise risk within healthcare settings.

Go Wireless – The Smart Choice for Irish Nursing Homes & Care Centres

Touchsafe Pro is now used in over 150 healthcare facilities across Ireland. More and more nursing homes and hospitals are implementing Touchsafe Pro because of its many benefits and also because it is so easy to retro-fit to existing buildings with mimimum disruption. SVC Care Communications is proud to have remained a trusted supplier with Touchsafe Pro developer Aid Call for over 30 years.

“SVC Care Communications have been a supplier to St. Luke’s Home for many  years providing a top class service. The installation of the Touchsafe Pro Nurse Call System and the Wireless Fall Monitors have proved invaluable allowing our staff to be more efficient and giving them more time for our 128 residents.”

-Joan Jeffery – Director of Finance & Administration – St. Luke’s Home, Cork

Wireless Nurse Call Systems, such as Touchsafe Pro, are a cost-effective and future-proof way to manage resident calls and provide residents with prompt, reliable care whilst adding value through feature-rich technology. Wireless Nurse Call Systems are quick to install with minimum disruption to residents, staff and visitors. There are lots of features that will improve resident care that are not available on the older wired Nurse Call Systems. Wireless Nurse Call really is the smart choice for nursing homes in Ireland looking to maximise quality of care.

SVC Nursing Home Solutions 

SVC Care Communications have been leading suppliers of communications solutions to the Irish healthcare sector for over 30 years. In addition to wireless Nurse Call Systems, SVC also supply Fall Protection and Wander Management solutions including Fall Prevention Sensor Mats, Wireless Fall Alarm Kits, Bed Alarms, Wander Management Systems, and much more.

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