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Wander Risk Protection for Residents, Peace of Mind for Families


The ResidentGuard Wander Management system by Accutech gives Alzheimers, dementia and other wander-risk residents the ability to move freely while receiving the protection they need.

ResidentGuard is a flexible and reliable Wander Management System that offers dependable monitoring and seamless integration options. It is a fully customisable solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of your Nursing Home.

With ResidentGuard, families will benefit from peace of mind that their loved one is safe in your care and staff are enabled to focus on their core tasks.

How Does the Wander Alarm System Work?

ResidentGuard is designed to detect when a resident is near a protected exit and alert staff. The exit can then be secured or the resident can be assisted by a member of staff. The normal flow of the Nursing Home will not be disturbed and regular movement is permitted to staff and visitors.

Residents at risk of wandering wear a Wrist Transmitter or Tag which allows them free movement within the Nursing Home but prevents them from exiting monitored doors.

The system can be configured to create an audible alert at the door and/or be configured to alert through the Nurse Call System.

ResidentGuard can also be integrated with Access Control so that the door will lock as the resident approaches and unlock again as they move away from the area.

ResidentGuard also offers an ‘escort function’ so that when a resident is accompanied by a staff member, the Wander System will not be activated. 

ResidentGuard can be implemented as a stand-alone or Centralised Wander Alert System and can be integrated with Nurse Call, Access Control, CCTV, Fall Prevention and other systems.

Patient Wander Management System

ResidentGuard Wander Management System

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Why Choose ResidentGuard Wander System?

Provide for the health and safety of senior care residents and patients with the ResidentGuard Wander Management System by Accutech, available through SVC Care Communications. 

The ResidentGuard Wander System mitigates exit-seeking behaviours and wander risks through a wander alert door alarm, a comfortable and water-proof tag bracelet, and integration with nursing call systems to receive any wander alarms or alerts from unauthorised movement. 

Key benefits of the ResidentGuard Wander System include: 

Wander Control Systems FAQs

Resident Wander Guards such as the ResidentGuard Wander System are wandering patient alarm systems that combine wearable transmitters (e.g. wearable bracelets with tags) to monitor the movement and access control of patients and care home residents at risk of elopement, e.g. Alzheimer’s or dementia. Whenever the resident approaches a controlled exit point, access can either be granted or a wandering alarm is sent to a nursing station which enables prompt intervention for the resident’s safety. 

Yes. Wandering, elopement, and other exit-seeking behaviours are common to individuals with dementia as well as with Alzheimers. These individuals may wander about a home or facility due to confusion, feeling restless, or because they believe they are fulfilling past routines from their life. For these reasons, Wander Control Systems are necessary to protect their health and safety as well as for nurses and care home staff to maintain liability as they can greatly mitigate the risks of elopement as well as reduce the occurrence of injuries. 

The most significant risk factors for wandering behaviours include mental health issues, cognitive impairments, dementia, and Alzheimer’s. These are among the primary risk factors for elopement and wandering in hospital patients and nursing home residents. Any facility with an effective wander management strategy focused on the health and safety of residents prone to exit-seeking behaviours must be capable of addressing these key risk factors. ResidentGuard Wander Systems and Access Control are effective integrated communications solutions that can transmit vital information to staff. 

There are many methods that can be effectively implemented to minimise unwanted wandering and elopement of individuals prone to wandering. These include keeping residents engaged through activities and giving them a structured routine, securing the hospital or care home facility with Access Control Systems, and implementing Wandering Patient Alarm Systems to notify any nurses or care home staff if a patient/resident attempts exit-seeking behaviours. Wander Alarm Systems with Wearable Transmitter Bracelets and Integrated Communications Technologies are highly effective at minimising wandering and elopement. 

Clients with dementia who are prone to wandering can be kept safe and secure by implementing various intervention strategies that minimise unwanted movements such as wandering or elopement. This includes some or all of the following: providing engaging and supervised activities, fostering a safe and secure living environment, installing Access Control Systems for patients/residents, and using a Wander Alert System integrated with Nurse Call Systems to immediately alert nurses or care home staff of any unauthorised or unwanted movements.

ResidentGuard is a flexible and reliable Wander System that offers dependable monitoring and seamless integration options. It is a fully customisable solution that can be tailored to meet the needs of your Nursing Home.

What Additional Solutions Does SVC Provide?

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