Flexible Fall Management Solutions

Wireless fall alarms offer many benefits over traditional wired fall monitoring systems. Trip hazards are eliminated which increases safety for both residents and staff. With wireless systems, there are no cables get damaged which can lead to costly and inconvenient repairs.

Another advantage of going wireless is the flexibility it offers as up to 3 sensor mats can be used with a single monitor. You have the option to buy the really convenient wireless alarm kits but devices are also sold separately, so you can mix and match to make the solution that works best for you.

  • Highly flexible, completely reliable
  • Instant alarm, no delay
  • No wires to connect, trip over or get damaged
  • Easy to use, straight out of the box, batteries included
  • Pair up to 3 devices with every wireless monitor
  • Kits are sent out pre-configured and ready to go
  • Silent-in-room option enhances resident environment
  • Auto reset feature eliminates false alarms or “alarm monitor fatigue”
  • Alarm monitor will not sound if resident simply rolls over in bed
  • Self-monitoring function warns if device loses communication or is out of range
  • Silent communication test every 5 minutes
  • Standalone or connect to Nurse Call System
  • 12 month warranty on all fall prevention products *

We carry stock of all Fall Management products so there are no delays in getting your order to you. Order before 12pm for next day delivery. **

Secure, Safe, Trustworthy

Patented, wireless bi-directional technology ensures that when triggered, the transmitter instantly sends a wireless signal to the fall alarm monitor without the dangerous delay found in many other fall alarm monitors.

The fall alarm monitor then sends a confirmation signal to the transmitter to stop the transmitter signal, effectively conserving battery life.

The no-delay system means that caregivers are instantly alerted and can come to the assistance of the resident.

The system automatically resets once the resident is back on the sensor mat so staff don’t have to remember to reset the system.

The ultra-thin bed and chair sensor pads are antimicrobial, latex-free, incontinent proof, and can be folded for storage.



Our fall prevention products are supplied as really convenient kits but components are also sold separately, providing customers with maximum flexibility.

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* Excludes 15-day and 45-day sensor pads

* * Bulk orders may take longer but we will send out partial orders if equipment is urgently required


Wireless Bed Alarm Kit

Triggers alert when resident moves from bed

Kit Includes: 1 Bed Sensor Mat, 1 Transmitter, 1 Monitor

Wireless Chair Alarm Kit

Triggers alert when resident moves from chair

Kit Includes: 1 Chair Sensor Mat, 1 Monitor, 1 Transmitter

Wireless Floor Alarm Kit

Triggers alert when resident steps on to floor

Kit Includes: 1 Floor Sensor Mat, 1 Transmitter, 1 Monitor

Wireless Day Room Kit

Monitor up to 3 chairs in a Day Room

Kit Includes: 3 x Chair Sensor Mats, 3 Transmitters, 1 Monitor

Wireless Bed & Chair Alarm Kit

Monitors one bed and one chair in single room

Kit Includes: 1 Bed Sensor Mat, 1 Chair Sensor Mat, 2 Transmitters, 1 Monitor

Wireless Floor Alarm & Chair Kit

Alerts when resident steps on to floor or moves from chair

Kit Includes: 1 Floor Sensor Mat, 1 Chair Pad (not shown), 2 Transmitters, 1 Monitor

Wireless Wheelchair Alarm Kit

Triggers alert if resident moves from wheelchair

Kit Includes: 1 Chair Mat, 1 Transmitter, 1 Monitor