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Touchsafe Pro Nurse Call System changes the link between Resident, Carers and Management. This feature-rich, cost-effective solution ensures that residents receive the care they need quickly by prioritising calls.

Touchsafe Pro is proven to reduce fall risk, reduce noise fatigue, eliminate manual record keeping and provide detailed logs for all residents and patients with customisable activity reports for management.

Designed by Experts, Used by Professionals

Touchsafe Pro Wireless Call System has been developed by Aid Call who have over 40 years of experience providing solutions for Nursing Homes, Care Homes and Hospitals in Ireland and the UK. Aid Call have been our partners in Nurse Call for almost 30 years and SVC have commissioned hundreds of Aid Call Systems throughout Ireland over this time.

Future Proof Solution

Aid Call is the only Wireless Nurse Call Bell System manufacturer that has upgraded from the old technology of a “single radio wave transmission system” to wireless mesh technology. This is a more stable network for a safer, faster and more dependable call system. Wireless mesh technology is used and trusted for its reliability in the military and other emergency services worldwide.

Proven Technology

Touchsafe Pro is now being used by over 50 healthcare facilities in Ireland and that number is growing steadily. See our testimonials to find out why customers chose us and Touchsafe Pro.

“SVC Care Communications have been a supplier to St. Luke’s Home for many  years providing a top class service. The installation of the Touchsafe Pro Nurse Call System and the Wireless Fall Monitors have proved invaluable allowing our staff to be more efficient and giving them more time for our 128 residents.”

Joan Jeffery – Director of Finance & Administration – St. Luke’s Home, Cork

Touchsafe Pro is what we like to call a SMART Nurse Call System, here’s why:

Seamless integration with other systems

Mobility of the system enhances staff performance

Advanced functionality supports key management systems

Reliability ensures that resident care is never compromised

Technology that is unsurpassed by other wireless systems

Why Choose Touchsafe Pro?

Touchsafe Pro is installed with minimal disruption to residents and the day-to-day running of the Nursing Home – Bedroom Call Points are installed in under 10 minutes. Our experienced technicians liaise with staff to ensure that the Call Alarm System is installed with utmost consideration given to residents and patients.

wireless nursing call system


  • Enhanced call logging and customised reporting
  • Multi-site dashboard for management of multiple facilities
  • Automatically tracks all relevant activity
  • Records up to 25 years of nurse call history
  • Silent mode configuration for quieter environment
  • Dynamic routing of calls ensures reliability and speed
  • Wireless mesh technology ensures safe, fast, dependable connection
  • Range of portable devices and accessories

Touchsafe Pro can also be used for:

  • Staff Contact Tracing
  • Night Round Recording
  • Emergency Exit Monitoring
  • Night Time Door Monitoring
  • Bed Rail Check Recording

At The Nurse Station

Touchsafe Pro Touchscreen Display

  • 15″Antimicrobial Touchscreen
  • Automatic Call Prioritising
  • Urgent Response Maps
  • Resident Medication / Turning Reminders
  • Carer Attending Function
  • Shift Change Activity Logs
  • …And Much More
wireless nurse call system call point

In The Room

Touchsafe Pro Call Point

  • Easy Clean Antimicrobial Surface
  • Staff Emergency Button
  • Nightly Rounds Logging Feature
  • Self Monitoring LCD Screen
  • Includes Socket for Fall Alarm Mats
  • On the Wall or With the Resident
  • Easy to Relocate if the Bed Position Changes
Pear Push Leads

For The Resident

Pear Push Lead

  • Comfortable Easy Press Button
  • Flashing Call Reassurance Light
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Easy Clean Antimicrobial
  • Comes with a Bedsheet Clip
  • Anti-Break Bungi Cable
  • Other Options Available

For The Resident

Touchsafe Pro Neck Pendant

  • Ideal for wheelchair users
  • Ideal for garden areas
  • Call for assistance from anywhere in building

In The Corridor

Alpha Numeric Display

  • Digital display for corridors 
  • Low Noise, High Visibility
  • Large font, clear text, easy to read
wireless nurse call system pull cord

In The Bathroom

Ceiling Pull Cord

  • Easy Pull Cord
  • Wired or Wireless options
  • Suitable for Showers & Toilets

At The Door

Door Monitor

  • Monitor Fire Exits
  • Staff Override Function
  • View Door Status on Display
  • Arm Door Reminder
  • Staff Emergency Help Button
  • Staff Only Reset

Outside Bedroom Door

Audio Visual Indicator

  • Direct staff quickly to the right location
  • Pre Set Colours Indicate Type of Call
  • Any Call Point Can Trigger AVI


Integration Options

  • Patient Wander Alarm
  • Fall Prevention Mats
  • Door Monitoring
  • PIR Motion Sensor
  • Visitor Temperature Screening
  • Doorbell / Intercom

Use Touchsafe Pro for Contact Tracing, Infection Control, Night Rounds & Bed Rail Checks

By implementing the use of portable devices such as the Nurse Call Buddy or Bluebell Pagers, Touchsafe Pro will identify and record which staff member was with which patient or resident and at what time for contact tracing and infection control. It’s also possible to simply label a Buddy as ‘Night Rounds’ for the purpose of logging the nightly rounds or bed rail checks without identifying the staff member.

Nurse Present Buddy

Bluebell Pager

wireless nurse call neck pendant

Touchsafe Pro Pendant

Wireless Nurse Call System FAQs

Not necessarily. Wifi Nurse Call Systems are modern variations of the traditional single radio wave transmission systems commonly used in the past and an alternative to Wired Nurse Call Systems. Wireless Nurse Call Systems such as TouchSafe Pro use wireless mesh technology, the only system to use this future-proof technology that offers more reliability and network safety. Wireless mesh technology uses dedicated nodes in a unified network and can be used over 802.11, 802.15, 802.16, and other cellular technologies. 

Wired Nurse Call Systems depend on physical cables, wires, and fixtures (e.g. Intercall Systems) for communications within care homes and hospitals. Wireless Nurse Call Systems for care homes and hospitals instead use wireless technologies such as wifi or wireless mesh technology. Both nurse Call Wireless Systems and Wired Systems alike offer unique features and benefits. Irish nursing homes have traditionally used Wired Nurse Call Systems, although a growing number of care home facilities are now using the Wireless Touchsafe Pro Nurse Call System. 

Wireless Call Light Systems use a variety of technologies to facilitate communications within a hospital or care home facility. Typically, a care home Wireless Call System revolves around a control panel for nurses or care home staff to receive calls. Systems such as Aid Call TouchSafe Pro also use Bedroom Call Points, Bluebell Message Units, Alphanumeric Pagers, Call Logging Software, and nurse presence & staff alert ‘buddy’ devices to improve responsiveness to the needs of nursing home residents.

In nursing, Call Lights serve as important communication tools that enable nurses to respond to the enquiries of their patients and to provide triaged assistance. Wireless Nurse Call Light Systems are widely used in nursing homes and care facilities and provide superb responsiveness and efficiency within the facility by ensuring that the needs of patients/residents are attended to diligently and promptly. Modern Care Home Call Systems such as TouchSafe Pro are feature-rich and cost-effective tools for nurses. 

Nurses should endeavour to respond to Call Lights according to the urgency of a call as well as according to professional due diligence and internal policies from the healthcare provider or facility management. Modern Nurse Call Systems such as TouchSafe Pro categorise call requests, thereby enabling nurses and care home staff to respond to calls according to whether the call is categorised as an emergency or not, for example. A swift response is important for many patients and their well-being, however, which is why care home facilities should use a modern and cost-efficient Nurse Call Light System such as TouchSafe Pro. 

A Nurse Call System can consist of various devices and technologies that serve to assist patients with prompt care from a nurse. Some components of a Wireless Nurse Call Bell System include Nurse Call Points, Wireless Patient Call Bells, Central Control Panels to display call lights and requests, Call Logging, Contact Tracing, Recording, Door and Exit Monitoring, Bed Rail Checks, and more. Nurse Call Systems should seek to provide seamless integration of these features in order to facilitate the processes involved with responding to patient call requests efficiently. 

Touchsafe Pro is the latest innovation in Wireless Nurse Call Solutions. Developed by Aid Call who are at the forefront of Nurse Call technology and our partners in Wireless Nurse Call for almost 30 years.

What Additional Solutions Does SVC Provide?

Need cost-effective and secure communications solutions for your nursing home or healthcare facility in Ireland? Choose SVC Care Communications for customised communications solutions including Wireless Nurse Call Systems for care homes, Hospital Nurse Call Systems, and much more. 

We also provide solutions for Fall Management & Fall Prevention in nursing homes, Fall Prevention Sensor Mats, Wireless Fall Alarm Kits, Bed Alarms, and Wander Management Systems. Invest in quality communications solutions for your hospital or care home in Ireland and get in touch with SVC Care Communications today.