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TOUCHSAFE PRO is a highly innovative wireless Nurse Call solution that can be tailored to the needs of any healthcare environment. It is the only Nurse Call System on the market that uses wireless mesh networking technology so information travels seamlessly from point to point.

Aid Call is the only wireless Nurse Call manufacturer that has upgraded from the old technology of a ‘single radio wave transmission system’ to wireless mesh technology. This is a more stable network for a safer, faster and more dependable system.

Wireless mesh technology is used and trusted for it’s reliability by the military and other emergency services worldwide.

With Touchsafe Pro there’s no need to install cables to any of the Call Points and the impact of installation on site is minimal. Wireless configuration offers complete flexibility which makes Touchsafe Pro infinitely changeable and expandable, allowing for the constant ability to deal with ever changing priorities and demands.

With reliable technology and proven performance, Touchsafe Pro Wireless Nurse Call is the leading choice for Irish Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities.


The Touchsafe Pro Display Panel is an essential component of any hospital ward or healthcare facility. Communication is clear, accurate and automatic system triage displays calls in the order of their priority level thereby improving the speed and efficiency of your team.


Touchsafe Pro Call Points are available in several configurations including integrated Emergency or Cardiac Pull Stops and standard Emergency Call push-button. Call Points are embedded with an antimicrobial agent that prevents the growth of harmful micro-organisms. Other display features include prioritised ‘Next Call Waiting’ and battery status.

Pear Push Leads


Touchsafe Pro Pear Push leads are used by the patient to activate a call from the Nurse Call Point. These leads can be rested on the bed to minimise movement needed to make a call. An LED illuminates alongside a short beep when a call has been made so the patient knows their call has been registered. An additional two button Pear Push Lead is available with an incorporated light switch.


In bathrooms and en-suites it may be necessary to install a ceiling pull cord rather than a call point – the cord supplied is long enough to reach the floor. An alarm call is transmitted wirelessly by pulling once on the cord, a reassurance light is then illuminated on the main body of the device and the call is routed to the main control panel. Wired version also available.


Audio Visual Indicators or AVIs can be installed above a bed, a room/ward entrance or in a corridor to provide the current status of a call that has been placed on the system. In order to direct staff quickly and effectively, the system can be configured to full “follow me” mode where the AVIs are used to guide the staff member to the highest priority call.


Once activated, the Door Status Monitor will raise an alarm through the Nurse Call system when the monitored door is opened. This call can only be cancelled by visiting the door and resetting the unit with a key. This key can also disarm the door during periods in which it needs to be used. The system can also show which doors are currently armed and those that are disarmed.


The Touchsafe Pro Pendant allows a call to be raised through the main Nurse Call System from a neck-worn, portable unit. It is battery powered and communicates via two-way radio transmissions to ensure all calls are transmitted and received correctly. A red reassurance light will flash when a call is made to ensure the user knows it has been acknowledged by the system.


The ‘Buddy’ is a portable trigger that can be used as a staff help or as a means of recording the presence of a Carer at a call. The Buddy uses infra-red which allows remote activation to the Nurse Call points. Each device is identifiable and can be named through the master display panel. This facility allows you to track staff activity and highlights who has answered a call.

Why Choose A Wireless Nurse Call System?

With reliable technology and proven performance, TOUCHSAFE PRO is the leading choice for Irish Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities.