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Traditional Wired Nurse Call Systems

Wired Nurse Call Systems have been the traditional choice for Irish Nursing Homes for many years and are still the preferred choice for many. There is a huge range of Wired Systems on the market and it’s wise to consider the options and seek advice on the best choice for your Nursing Home.

A dependable system is essential which is why we only supply Wired Nurse Call Systems brands that are trustworthy, durable and reliable.

We upgrade and extend existing systems and we design and install systems in new Nursing Home developments. We also provide a free consultation service where we assess your requirements, carry out a site survey and then propose a customised solution for your Nursing Home.

There are different levels of Wired Nurse Call Systems from the very basic to highly advanced IP systems with speech, TV control and other additional functions.

wired nurse call nursing homes. Great for emergency call. easy to install.

Intercall 600 Nurse Call System

The Intercall 600 system is easy to install with a simple two-wire system and can be fitted to existing wiring. It is designed to be completely user-friendly for both staff and residents alike. What’s more, with five call levels, programmable text, call logging and the ability to incorporate up to 215 call points, the Intercall 600 system is one of the most comprehensive Wired Nurse Call Systems on the market.

Intercall 600 provides complete flexibility of configuration with a wide range of trigger systems and accessories. In addition, using the latest power supply with built-in call logging software, you can store all Intercall activities and manage them via a standard personal computer.

Intercall 600 - wired nurse call system.

Intercall Touch Nurse Call System

This Nurse Call System installation is very easy with industry-standard connectivity via TCP/IP. The stylish Intercall Touch is a modern Nurse Call System offering easy communication and management of resident care. 

Intercall Touch enables residents and care staff to communicate, ensuring the smooth running of the nursing home. It allows staff to assess priorities quicker and gives residents reassurance that help is at hand.

Intercall has developed a data log system that automatically records all calls, alerts and responses. It can alert staff to call activity, enable care managers to make informed decisions, and demonstrate accountability to residents and their families.

Easy to install, the Touch Series is perfect for new builds or renovations, using a combination of the wired and wireless mediums at our disposal. This helps keep both disruptions to patients and residents to a minimum, while keeping unnecessary costs down.

Integration is key and all products have been designed to work with each other and communicate with other technologies.

The Touch Series provides a complete Nurse Call Solution. Its future-proofed adaptability will enable it to grow and adapt in line with your needs.

Intercall Touch has multiple Call Point options to suit your exact needs

Tunstall Flamenco IP Nurse Call System Equipment

Flamenco is Tunstall’s revolutionary digital Nurse Call System that is a hospital-grade solution but ideally suited to larger scale residential care facilities.

Flamenco offers the perfect integration of different security and communication solutions enabling consistent, lean and secure support for nursing management.

Automatically monitored processes ensure smooth operation and give you the assurance that processes work smoothly, especially in emergency situations.

Flamenco provides versatile integration options with a wealth of possibilities, simple installation and maintenance and maximum organisational freedom. Flamenco by Tunstall offers excellence in design, operation, functionality and quality.

Tunstall are pioneering Nurse Call System manufacturers located in Germany and are international market leaders in innovation with the Flamenco IP Nurse Call System and their many other quality products. 



In nursing homes and healthcare facilities in Ireland, some of the most suitable and best Nurse Call Systems include the Flamenco IP Nurse Call System and Intercall Nurse Call System. Wired Nurse Call Systems are traditionally used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities to effectively support nursing staff with clear and effective information relaying the most relevant and vital information. These systems are highly suitable for hospitals, nursing homes, and aged care facilities. 

Nurse Call Systems work by communicating alerts from patients to nursing staff to provide assistance. Traditional Wired Nurse Call Systems may include Call Points in the patients room and Pull Cords, or Bathroom Alarms which can be activated to call for assistance. The signals from these Call Points are relayed directly to nurse stations whereby the nursing staff receive all relevant information needed to respond promptly. 

Patients typically use Call Points located within their rooms to call for assistance from nursing staff. These devices may be Pull-Cords, Patient Call Leads, or Call Points mounted on the wall near the patient’s bed, for example. The patient can pull the cord or press the button whenever they require assistance from nursing staff, who in turn receive the alert via their nursing station and any other integrated technologies with a digital Nurse Call System.

Patients often have Bed Alarms directly integrated with the traditional Wired Nurse Call System in order to enhance their safety and well-being. The Bed Alarm is typically a wired interface mounted on the wall adjacent to the patient’s bed which features a button that can be pressed to call a nurse for assistance. Wired Bed Alarms send alerts directly to Nurse Call Station Systems and any other integrated devices on the Nurse Call Alarm System so that nursing staff can act promptly to the request. 

We upgrade and extend existing systems and we design and install systems in new Nursing Home developments. We also provide a free consultation service where we assess your requirements, carry out a site survey and then propose a customised solution for your Nursing Home.

What Additional Solutions Does SVC Provide?

SVC supply wired and wireless Nurse Call Solutions to nursing homes and hospitals across Ireland. Nurse Call Systems supplied by SVC Care Communications are trustworthy and dependable solutions designed to promote patient safety and enhance nursing staff efficiency. 

SVC are leading providers of Nursing Home Solutions such as Wireless Nurse Call Bell Systems, Wireless Fall Alarm Kits, Fall Prevention Sensor Mats, Bed Alarms, and Fall Management Technologies. We also provide hospital communication solutions such as Hospital Nurse Call Systems, Infant Protection, Staff Security, Wander Management Systems, and much more. Contact us today.